A selection of testimonials from our patients.

Mrs B and I wanted you to know that since her laser eye surgery on the 10th March 2017, there have been no problems and Mrs B is delighted with how well she can now see.

Thank you for keeping us informed all the way through matters and also to Mia likewise.

We were very happy with the attitude of all the staff at the hospital and in particular with our nurse and would recommend the hospital to anyone.

If you are reading this wondering which specialist to go to, should you continue to search, I would say, ‘stop looking Mr De Klerk is your guy, you could not be in better hands. He is warm, caring, approachable, explains things in easy to understand terms, and possibly the most important part, a ophthalmic genius.’ You might think this a gushing overstatement but I was his patient, when other specialists turned me away, he alone came up with an ingenious method of supporting my eye lens, that would have otherwise fallen back into my eye socket. After 3 years of being partial sighted, I am now back in the light and I have my confidence back. I can drive, play tennis, read documents, menus, books, I can negotiate stairs, kerbs, use basic household machines, put my make up on, find my clothes in the morning, best of all see people’s faces properly once more, which when you read this, means I get to see clearly the beautiful face of my first grandchild. I made the right choice, I hope I help you make the right choice too!

Having dealt with Mr Tim de Klerk and  his  very  polite  and  professional staff, his knowledge and skill was  very  impressive.
I would urge anyone requiring  eye  surgery  or  any  other  related matters to make an  appointment  with  Mr  Tim  de  Klerk  and  his  team.

In 2016 I had my worst cataract operated upon by Mr de Klerk, at his private practice, and was delighted to find that I had excellent distance vision and was once again able to see the world in all its detail and varied colours. The care and attention I had during surgery were excellent, and in fact I scarcely noticed the bits I had been most anxious about. My other cataract developed more slowly, and I am about to have this operated upon by Mr de Klerk.

Many thanks

Huge thanks to Mr de Klerk and his team at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. Having been very short sighted all my life I can hardly believe the results; perfect vision with no glasses or contact lenses, what a life changer!

I was concerned about the procedure and felt very strongly that I wanted to undergo eye surgery in an eye hospital (rather than a shopping centre) in the care of an experienced eye surgeon with no sales agenda/target. Mr de Klerk and his team were perfect, from initial consultation through to the aftercare procedure the experience was friendly, personal, professional and clinical with no sales element whatsoever. I can’t recommend highly enough!

I was shocked and distressed to suddenly find that I had both glaucoma and cataracts, especially so as I only had full sight in one eye due to a childhood condition. It was therefore very important to me to find an expert Ophthalmic surgeon to operate on my one precious eye. Despite been very anxious about my operation from the first appointment I felt complete confidence in Mr De Klerk who fulfilled my needs for full factual information, offered me choices and most importantly treated me as an individual. His manner was professional yet very human understanding the issues from my perspective. The operation was successful and overall I can say that throughout the entire experience of my treatment with Mr De Klerk and his very kind and attentive secretary they exceeded my expectations, and I have no hesitation in recommending this team to other patients.

Mr de Klerk has the most caring manner and his thoroughness and professionalism are of the highest standards. I am delighted to find a specialist who does not rush into surgery when not absolutely sensible to do so.

I highly recommend his abilities.

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