The eye is connected to the brain by a small nerve, known as the optic nerve. It is made up of around 1.2 million nerve fibres; as we age these fibres slowly die off. The nerve cells are an extension of the brain and therefore don’t regenerate, but the rate of death is so slow that in a normal individual it doesn’t significantly affect vision over their entire lifetime.

In people with glaucoma, the rate of cell death is much quicker. If the eye is made softer, so that its internal pressure is reduced, it is usually possible to slow the process down or halt it. This is the principle underlying all modern glaucoma treatment.

If you would like an assessment for glaucoma or just want to speak to an expert who will have the time to answer all of your questions, please get in touch. At LDA Eye Clinic we provide all forms of glaucoma treatment – eye drops, laser and surgery, if required. We will give you an honest opinion explained in terms that are clear to you. We understand that all patients need to know what exactly the problem is with their eyes, and what they need to expect moving forward.

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