Get rid of your glasses forever

Many peoples’ eyes do not focus light perfectly, so that glasses or contact lenses are required to see clearly. In addition when people reach middle age the eye always slowly loses its flexibility so that seeing things far away and up close becomes impossible without specific reading glasses.

Modern ophthalmic surgery provides solutions to most of these problems. Light is focused by the eye in two places, at the surface (known as the cornea) and inside by the lens. Both points can be surgically altered to change the eye’s focus but as a general rule corneal treatments are more suitable for people under the age of 50 whilst lens treatments are best for those over 50.

Mr de Klerk performs all of his corneal treatments (LASIK, LASEK and PRK) with the team at LASERVISION, based at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. To arrange an appointment to see Mr de Klerk for LASIK, LASEK or PRK please contact Laservision and arrange an appointment.

All of the lens procedures are co-ordinated by De Klerk Eye Surgery. To arrange a consultation and discuss what will be best in your specific situation please contact our practice manager.

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